Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ok, well now I'm OUT.

Shoot. I guess I spoke too soon.

I was feeling pretty good this morning - a little fatigued, but a lot better overall. So I decided TKB at 24 Hour Fitness was a GO. I struggled to keep up and felt like throwing up a couple of times (Chest congestion = hard to breathe. Chest congestion + high intensity cardio = dang near asthma attack...HA!), but I didn't feel really terrible until I was done with my workout. All the sudden my throat pain was nearly unbearable, but I had a dermatologist appointment already set (and you KNOW how hard appointments w/specialists are to get), so I decided to deal with it later. After I had two moles scraped off for biopsy, I headed over to the OTHER doctor where I was immediately swabbed and the test that normally takes 10 mins to come back turned positive almost instantly (so says the nurse). The doctor said he was surprised I could breathe at all as swollen as my throat was. NICE.

Let the guilt set in .... NOW.

Since I've been sick I've exposed myself to I don't know HOW many people, thinking it was just a non-contagious sinus infection. I get them every year around this time, so that was my first thought. All the while I was contagious and spreading my crap. I am THAT person - the person I CANNOT STAND. The person who is sick and carries on around other people like they're not. GAH.

So, if I was around you the past few days and you get sick...I am really REALLY sorry and I give you full permission to punch me in the head when you're better.

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