Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Um, hello little neglected blog!

See, I told you when I started this thing that I'd eventually forget to update and....well, as predicted...

Do over?

A ton has happened since my last post in, what was it, July?

I've still been working out like a MANIAC. I also have started co-teaching TKB and will hopefully be getting my own class in January. This, from the socially-retarded freak who said she'd never teach! :) I've also gotten certified (GOLD, baby!) in the PiYo format and hopefully will be teaching that soon, as well! Look at lil ol' me GO! I owe it mostly to Deb (I think I've talked about her in almost every post here...obsessed much?) She has been SO encouraging and has been my biggest cheerleader!

So here's what a typical workout week looks like for me:

Monday: TKB with either Deb at 24 Frisco OR TKB with Teresa at 24 Little Elm
Tuesday: TKB with Melissa at 24 Frisco OR Cardio Fusion  and Step & Strength with Deb at Frisco Athletic Center
Wednesday: TKB with Deb (and me) at FAC
Thursday: My rest day!
Friday: Hip Hop Hustle with Melissa at FAC followed by TKB with Pat (also at FAC)
Saturday: PiYo with Teresa at FAC OR Step & Strength with Deb at FAC, followed by TKB with Teresa at FAC
Sunday: My other rest day!

Other updates....hmmm....

Oh, no longer drinking Shakeology. I am bummed, but I have to do what the doc says. There are a couple of ingredients that do, indeed, lower my platelet count. For some people this is actually a good thing. For someone with ITP, not so much. Wah.

As far as health/workout, etc, that's all I've got for ya! Until next time (probably 6 months)....

Peace out!