Monday, May 16, 2011

Down but not OUT!

I have been sick the past couple of days. It's spring in Texas, and for most that means ALLERGIES, but for me it's the inevitable SINUS INFECTION. That first day you always feel the worst (at least *I* do). Knives in the throat from the constant drainage, chest congestion from the constant drainage, sinus headache from the get the point. ;)

Anyway...most normal people would validly use this an excuse to take it easy and take time off from exercise, but not this crazy ADDICT. I always take Sunday off, but I got my workout in on Friday, Saturday, and today...despite not feeling at the top of my game.

Friday I got my Hip Hop Hustle fix. I truly look forward to this class more than any other class all week. It's the one time every week where I feel like I'm only there to have FUN and just HAPPEN to burn some calories while I'm at it. It's not that I don't have fun in my other classes, they just FEEL like WORK...Hustle doesn't, even though I'm probably burning a solid 500-600 calories each class.

Fridays are my "twofer" days, so I get to do about half of Pat's TKB class immediately following Hustle. Talk about high energy! I usually have so little left in me by that point that I probably shouldn't be in the front row...haha! I wish I could stay the full hour, but alas...I have a child who can't stay in the Kids Club for more than 2 hours.

Saturday I was SO excited because my faaaaaaaaavorite (do the extra a's show you how EXCITED I was?) PiYo teacher had been OUT on maternity leave. Her substitute, though she undoubtedly kicked everyone's butt, was not doing real PiYo and didn't give me the kind of workout I was looking for. And if a class says it's PiYo, it needs to be PiYo! Sounds harsh, but BS here! ;) Anyway, so my favorite girl was back, and the workout was INTENSE but AWESOME. I feel so weak and strong at the same time after PiYo. My muscles are shaking and fatigued, but it feels GREAT. I told my daughter that once after we finished TurboFire together and she pretty much called me crazy. HA!

Today was probably the hardest for me. I was SO low on energy - very fatigued and my throat and head just felt BAD. I probably shouldn't have pushed myself as hard as I did...but, I'm competitive. I see the people around me outperforming me and I've just gotta push til my body won't go! :) I did turn it down a bit, not as much plyometrics as I'd normally do, but I still got a killer workout and honestly felt a heckuva lot better than I did before the class.

The one thing that REALLY stinks about this sickness, though, is that I can't drink my Shakeology. It, mixed with the lovely gunk streaming down the back of my throat, doesn't taste good at ALL. I notice such a huge difference...from my attitude (down), to my cravings (can we say tootsie rolls?) health and well-being are so tied in with my daily dose of Shakeology. So another reason to hope I get better SOON.

Speaking of Shakeology...did you see the news? A new flavor is coming! And they didn't mean to, but they spilled their own secret in the contest rules....the new flavor will be TROPICAL. I'll definitely have to try sounds...interesting right now. I hope it's good so I can mix it up!

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