Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The "Bummer" Summer

Alyssa and Jackson were counting down the days til summer. "X number of days til school's out, Mom & Dad!"

Mom (me), on the other hand, was dreading when that X turned to a zero. It's always great for a week or two, and then it all starts sliding downhill.  "But this year, this year will be different," I thought to myself. "I spent all this $$ on these great camps and swimming lessons, so SURELY the dreaded words 'I'm bored' will not slip from their sweet lips!"

Apparently I'm a slow learner - that, or in complete denial. ;)

I think we made it all of 1 day before the boredom settled in, which triggered bad attitudes, which resulted in incessant bickering, teasing, whining...all leaving me looking like a woman who belongs in a Calgon commercial.

HOWEVER! I am bound and determined that these lil negative nellies will be TAMED! We have a long weekend this week, followed by vacation Bible school the next, then Art Camp and more swimming lessons, lots of time at the gym, play dates with friends, summer movies, and then before you know it we will be on a airplane on our way to the pale sands and emerald blue waters of Emerald Isle! I dare them to complain about THAT! :)

What are you doing this summer to keep your kids occupied and yourSELF sane??


  1. Yeah i dread those days...especially since Sebastian will be an only child and won't have a sibling to "entertain" himself with. Might I suggest you bluff about "if being out of school makes you so bored, maybe I could see about entombing you in summer school..." Shut me up FAST when I was a kid! Lol. As far as keeping myself sane...not sure of this is going to HELP or hurt my sanity, but we leave in 9 days for Florida with Jeremy's parents, and his sister, her husband and her 3 small children. Add the 4 month old to the mix and you've got a pretty interesting road trip... The good thing about it is my sister-in-law and mother-in-law LOVE holding/feeding/changing Sebastian and his cousins love "playing" with him, so it should be a break from the tedious mom duties, yet will still let me spen extra time off work with my baby ;-). Looking forward to the beach and HARRY POTTER WORLD!!! :-D

  2. Enrolling* in summer school, lol. Although entombing would be interesting...

  3. Tell them that boredom is good for them and see how they feel about you cancelling all their activities ;-) (of course only kidding on the 2nd part)